Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wasowiczow Street

The building at Wąsowiczów Street in the autumn sun.
Czarniecki Street


  1. Скучаю по солнцу...Чудесный снимок!

  2. I loved the previous buildings too. I have so many things to do those days that it is impossible for me to follow all the posts. Thank u for your visits to ‘’Salonique mon amour’’. I just try to capture the pretty spots of the city and to present them well. It is a simple city with many, many problems, but I love it cause it is my country and it deserves something better!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I was in Poland some years ago and I loved it very much. Wish you good night.

  4. Hello Mariusz, I'm your new reader :)
    I'm from Germany, I live at the Baltic Sea, and I like
    to travel. Just can't afford it, so I do it via blogs :)
    I like the pictures you show!

    ✿ Knipsa

  5. Wonderful warm colors on the building.



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