Friday, December 19, 2014

Is this my last blog post?

The pictures show the buildings in which formerly housed the barracks. It has long been no soldiers in these buildings. Buildings, no one watches. I do not know what is in them at the moment. I can only see that in the former military unit facing now private cars.

Although the building no longer perform military tasks on the fence hang new signs of non-shooting.
Poland is a country full of absurdities. It would not be surprising if one day, my blog has been deleted. It would not be surprising if me because of the inclusion of these images on the internet has been arrested by the police.

I treat the entry as a joke. But in Poland are sad men in dark suits or uniforms, for which the entry can not be funny.


  1. It is sad and scary that such innocent looking images could feel so threatening to some.

  2. I hope your blog won't be deleted over this, Mariusz, and I agree with Hamilton here.

  3. Hari OM
    ...but we just met! &*> Seriously, though, it can be weird around things like this; experienced similar at some spots in India and even had a 'do not do that here!' yelled at me in Sydney once...sigh...

    Anyhow. I really like your mural piccies and I wondered if this post would interest you. (I admire you reaching out in English; my Polish is limited to translator!) YAM xx

  4. It is quite an imipressive building.

  5. Красивая солнечная осень!

  6. Interesting photos of a mystery building. If you disappear from the blog world, we'll know what happened!

  7. Is it still really so bad they are watching you? There are a lot of Polish people working here, I even had a colleague at my work in the public library, she spoke dutch very well.

  8. It's a fine-looking building. Perhaps it now houses business offices or apartments. Sorry to hear that you still fear those sad men in dark suits. I thought kind of thing had disappeared.



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