Friday, April 3, 2015

Global warming?

I remember many years ago in April was warm. Already swam in the river. Looking at the current weather probably hard to believe. And yet we have global warming. Apparently.
Photos made just leaving the church. Today is April 2.

 Church of Our Lady Immaculate.



  1. U Ciebie sypie śnieg, u mnie już nasypało , taką mamy wiosnę :(

  2. The second shot really appeals to me!

  3. Swami at this time ??? .... At 12 degrees. brrrrrrr - it is very cold. Beautiful night pictures. by

  4. I have puzzled about global warming myself--it seems plenty cold here in Iowa for way too much of the year; I'd be tempted to say we'd enjoy some warming! I think scientists and activists would be better off to always just call it "climate change"--that would be hard to dispute as the weather, and at least it seems, the climate, is always changing. Have a blessed week.



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