Sunday, June 8, 2014

Evangelical Church

Evangelical Church of the Transfiguration.

The interior of the church includes the tombstone, which I presented in the blog here.

Evangelical Church is the whole of historical buildings situated next door. These are the buildings of the former Franciscan monastery, which was founded in 1297 years. They are the oldest buildings in Nowy Sacz.
The fate of these buildings over the years have been very volatile.
Nowy Sacz was established in 1292. But at least one hundred years ago at the site of Nowy Sacz existent village called tenement.

Pijarska Street


  1. They are beautiful. Remarkable that they survived the Cold War.

    1. I say that only so many survived to our times. A lot of objects not survived to our times. Contributed to the devastation of World War I, World War II, and earlier still a lot of wars in the Middle Ages and later centuries.

  2. Beautiful buildings and great photos too! Nowy Sacz must be a very interesting town!

    1. Nowy Sacz is much older than American cities, but much, much younger than the Greek civilization. :)

  3. Some beautiful buildings. I'd guess there aren't many Evangelical churches in the town, though. And I appreciated the history lesson. The town has been around a very long time!

  4. It's a pretty church, I agree with Lowell, there are probably very few Evangelical churches around. I had a look at the tomb but Google won't translate it for me :-(...

    1. @ Lowell, Yvelines
      This is the only evangelical church in the area. The dominant religion is Christianity, of course in Poland, Roman Catholic, but in Nowy Sacz there are many other small groups and religious sects.
      Ten kościółek ewangelicki jest jedynym w okolicy. Dominującą religią jest oczywiście w Polsce chrześcijaństwo rzymsko katolickie, ale w Nowym Saczu jest wiele innych małych grup i odłamów religijnych.
      Link to the tombstone located in the chapel I placed a long time ago. Many residents of my city does not know of its existence, does not know Jan Debek Łowczowski (the founder of the chapel) and they wanted to show it. I think slowly you get more information on the blog.

  5. That pretty pictures, I like this church, nice dome!


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  7. This is a beautiful church! Love your photos!

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