Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Two Towers of the Basilica

The Two Towers, but not "The Lord of the Rings", but Sącz basilica.
In many of the pictures appear the two towers, acting in a kind of landmark, especially for visitors. Here we see them up close.

 View from the Sobieskiego Street

On the back of two towers in front of them The Gothic House (Dom Gotycki) also known as Kanoniczny.


  1. It is interesting that each tower is different.

  2. Now only churches use towers. For contemporary architecture these kind of structures are a complete waste of money.What a pity!

  3. Посмотрела про ваш город в википедии. Понравился:)

  4. What a lovely landmark to use. I would love to wander around inside the buildings.

  5. Beautiful! I'd love to see them up close.

  6. Great looking image. A member of our family has just married girl from a Polish family - so one day I may get to visit!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. Wonderful Pictures.
    Precious Torres and very nice Gothic house.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    I love your blog and I'm a follower.

  8. Hello, Mariusz.
    Congratulations for the beautiful photos, the city of Nowy Sacz seems to be very quiet with pleasant atmosphere and beautiful architecture.
    Regarding the preparations for the World Cup, I must say that it is very unpredictable. Many works Cup as roadworks, airports reforms are not completed and will be tested during the competition. Many professionals are on salary campaign, and threaten protest on match days. I think the most important suggestion for those who come to Brazil is taking due care that any tourist should take when you leave your country. Tourists who come to the metropolitan region of São Paulo (where I live) I suggest you take great care with the safety in case of doubt always seek the guidance of the hotel or a police officer to seize and information for sightseeing because the city is a major hub cultural and gastronomic.

  9. They are lovely! I like the hanging lantern too.

  10. Excelentes fotografias....



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