Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tenement on the Konarskiego Street

One of the houses on the Konarskiego Street, recently renovated.
We see it from the Planty Park.


  1. Радует, когда восстанавливают старые постройки, так как они индивидуальны.

  2. Beautiful images you present here Mariusz! Wonderful administration of the Polish people. Its cities are beautiful.
    In São Paulo the people were happy, but there were many demonstrations against the World Cup.

  3. a beautiful pink house like a fairy tale !

  4. As a child I would have thought it must be a Royal Princess living there, with hundreds and hundreds of nice evening dresses.
    As an adult I wonder what it looks like inside, and who are the lucky owners.and what it looks like inside.
    Anyway, a fantastic building and a very nice photo.



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