Saturday, June 14, 2014

Royal castle

Kowalska Tower (Baszta Kowalska) - castle ruins from the 14th century. Built with funds from King Casimir the Great (Kazimierz Wielki).

Only so much is left of the castle Sącz after World War II.

Until World War II on the hill above the river Dunajec stood the royal castle. During World War II, Germany arranged in the castle ammunition depot. At the end of the war there was a danger that Germany blast the whole city before they leave.
Two men got into the castle, and blew the whole amunicę and bombs, saving the city. Unfortunately, these two brave soldiers also died.

Dunajec River


  1. Beautiful pictures as always, and heroic story.
    I missed a few posts, but I'm catching up! I especially liked the brightly colored tenement.

  2. Super spiętrzenia na wodzie. Widok iście widokówkowy w dobrym tego słowa znaczeniu.

  3. Even what's left is beautiful. And it's in such an incredible setting.

  4. Красивая местность. Король знал, где нужно строить замок...

  5. Wonderful Pictures Castle happening this next river.
    I liked the story about the castle and the Second World War.

  6. just beautiful! the grounds as well!

  7. World War II, ... , Oh, we must never make a war...
    And, the beautiful castle will never be destroyed, I hope.
    When I see this picture, I want to take a look at the appearance of the castle which had a perfect full style in the past.
    This dream does never become reality ... Alas.

    ps; All your pictures are beautiful. And Your Town is very very wonderful.

  8. Oh, I like this old castle and the beautiful pictures!



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