Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter swimming

Today at 11am. I was on a walk.
I first saw floating seagull.

Then I saw a duck.

I suddenly saw the creation of an entirely different species. Animal without feathers went straight into the water.

In a moment appeared another copy. After coloration of the head, I think it was a male.

Seriously, a few days ago I learned that a long time appear in the river lovers of winter swimming. I was able to meet them. I watched with admiration as they plunge into the cold mountain river, which is still very much an ice floe.
I got an invitation to a common swimming (this can be seen in this photo). Perhaps someday I dare.

Kamienica River


  1. Bonjour de très belles photos et surement une belle journée
    J'adore cet endroit le calme est bien là
    A bientôt

  2. Интересные зарисовки:) Особенно третий снимок понравился. Красиво!

  3. Querido amigo, bellas imágenes y muy bien entrelazadas, un placer al que le he dedicado su tiempo por el colorido y ese punto de admiración y humor.

    Besos muchos


  4. no, no..., kąpiel w lodowatej wodzie..., podziwiam!!

  5. I love the cold.... but doing that is crazy!

  6. Jak widać kaczory opanowały polskie wody, w tym te ludzie też.
    Choć wolę pływać w zimnej, niż w za ciepłej wodzie, do przerębli bym się nie rzuciła.
    Fajne polowanie.

  7. Hi, Mariusz...discovered you began following my came over. Look forward to following you as well...seing your side of the world. -Cheers, Mac

  8. Podziwiam, bo ja bym do takie lodowatej wody nie weszła :)))

  9. In that cold water? Perhaps never for me! But I would also try to take some pictures on ice, definitely!

    Bia <°))))<

  10. Hey!
    Thank you for your comment in my blog; and to answer your question: I"ll think the water temperature is about 12 degrees, in the blog post called "helping hand" :-)

  11. Ao passar pela net encontrei seu blog, demorei algum tempo a ver o conteúdo, gostei e é um daqueles
    blogs que gostamos de visitar.
    Eu ficaria alegre se me desse a honra da sua visita e se poder ler um pouco do que escrevi.
    Tenha muita paz e saúde.
    Sou António Batalha.

  12. animal sin plumas :)
    ufff, parece que no le importa el frío a ese señor

  13. QUE interesante y valiente si es en invierno frioso

    se hace honor a la Tierra al aceptarla en su elemento
    del frío al calor...

    yo me he bañando de noche y en invierno igualmente en ríos muy helados , pero nunca con hielo...

  14. Beautiful landscape! I couldn't swim in cold waters!!

  15. I think my heart would stop in this cold water ! crazy



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