Friday, October 17, 2014

House in the suburbs

Wandering through the suburbs I noticed this building. Buildings of this type are now rare. When I was a child of the wooden buildings having a glazed loggia were common. Today there are few, often break down with age. They are often torn down, and in their place created a new, but not so distinctive and charming.
Łącznik Street. (In the translation of the name of the street could sound: Connector Street or Fastener Street or Bond Street or Copulative Street)


  1. Thanks so much for your comment, much appreciated. This is a lovely house, what a shame they are disappearing and being replaced. Have a good weekend. Diane

  2. Lovely Charming and full of home.
    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog !!!
    Your blog is very beautiful and complete.

  3. It has something charming i must say. i like that is wooden but if it was smaller i would like it more.

  4. С грустью смотрю на снос деревянных домов. Они, действительно, были красивы и жить в них было благоприятно...



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