Monday, December 15, 2014

Jan Freisler - in honor of the hero

The government in Poland football fans (soccer fans) considers bandits.
And it has just they create murals in honor of the real heroes.

Writing on the wall
   Jan Freisler (1914-1964)
   sportsman, courier of underground Polish State, partisan,  
   prison communist regime,
   honor his memory!

Freislera street


  1. Obrigada pela visita e por suas amáveis palavras. Volte sempre! Será um prazer recebê-lo. Se gostar de poesia visite este espaço
    Um abraço

  2. That's interesting. Must have been a good man.

    Re your question: That church involves a small, very conservative, Protestant group.

  3. A mural for all to see is a wonderful tribute Mariusz, excellent capture.

  4. I didn’t have the honor to know him… But, as we speak about communism. We are close to elections in Greece and it’s the for first time in history that a left party is likely to come first! I can’t describe you the panic that Germany and European League have! All channels speak about total distraction but the truth is that politics are afraid to go in jail for their economic crimes against public money…



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