Sunday, December 28, 2014

Kamienica River

The photos were taken on the last day of autumn, which this year was exceptionally warm.

View from the bridge over the Kamienica River - North side.
Beyond the river boulevards with chestnut trees and estate Kraszewski.

On the right side of the chestnut tree and the boulevard. On the left Narvik Boulevard. On the hill you can see a fragment of the Old Town.

View from the bridge to the South
On the right Narvik Boulevard.
Kamienica River.


  1. Me gusta ese río y los tonos del sol cayendo sobre el paisaje...
    espero tenga vida aquel río...he conocido muchos que se contaminan y no fluye sana hacia el mar...


  2. Bright sunlights at the old city. The weather seems to be too warm everywhere this year.

  3. Today, I am a traveled through Poland. Beautiful photos you did. by

  4. Belíssimas fotos!
    que o ano de 2015 que já está bem próximo venha carregado de boas energias, muita saúde, paz e harmonia.
    Obrigada pela maravilhosa companhia. Foi lindo interagir com você. Que em 2015 estejamos juntas trilhando os caminhos deste belo espaço virtual.
    Um dia maravilhoso para você
    Um abraço

  5. Dear Mariusz.
    I wish you all the best for the new year. Nice celebrate.

  6. It was nice to have a blog visit from Poland. Happy New Year!

  7. I agree with above Mariusz, the light in these images is lovely.. and yes here in Perth we are nearly two hours into 2015, weird to think you are still in 2014 hey :) All the best for the new year, when it finally gets there :)

  8. Happy new year Mariuz!!! I owe you many replies but the days have been very busy in a good and bad way. Hopefully the good way is stronger! Thank you for your kind wishes! I return them back with the hope the new year to bring you more love and creative moments.

    Now about greek news, we are having officially elections and the popular left party i told you it has basically socialist positions not communist. So this brings us some hope. I must tell you that the present right government is in great fear for the crimes has committed and is trying to destroy all the proofs.

    I will keep you informed about the situation.!

    Thanks again from a freezing Thessaloniki. -5 c with and it's keep falling. It's the first white christmas after many many years. Your photos are so beautiful!!!!



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