Friday, April 25, 2014

The Soldiers Cursed in tribute

I do not know how to properly explain these historical names, so try it the easiest way.

The Soldiers Cursed in tribute / Żołnierzom Wyklętym w hołdzie

In Poland, there are some soldiers and they are partisans who were not allowed to place monuments, because they fought in the war with Germany, but also from the Soviet occupiers.
But the truth is strong. Power for many years did not allow them to place monuments, so now increasingly appear on the walls. The authority did not want monuments, so today the memory care anonymous patriots.

Gorzkowska Street.
Za plecami stacja benzynowa Shell (wcześniej Neste) oraz Real.

Emblem Polish Fighting. This emblem was used by those to whom the years were not allowed to keep in mind.

The capital letter "P" (Poland) completed the anchor is the character that was a symbol often used by partyzanów. Simple in appearance, but very distinctive.

This mural was founded by supporters of the football club (soccer club) Sandecja. 
Currently in Poland is very often an association football club fans become centers where memory and historical truth are very respected and cherished.

Gorzkowska Street.

Ich musisz znać
The True Heroes

Roman Stramka ps."Romek" 1916-1965

Konstanty Gucwa ps. "Góral" 1909-1941

Jan Freisler ps."Sądecki" 1914-1964

Julian Zubek ps."Tatar" 1912-1981

Władysław Świerczek 1912-1944

Kazimierz Świerczek 1918-1944

Leopold Kwiatkowski ps."Tomek sądecki" 1906-1968

Rudolf Lenc ps."Rudek" ?-2005

Zbigniew Ryś ps."Zbyszek" 1914-1990

Zbigniew Lohse ps."Łupiński" 1920-?

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