Friday, May 16, 2014

Kamienica when it rains

Kamienica River when it rains.
This was the river yesterday. 1 meter lacked that overflowed the dikes. This time there was no tragedy. The shaft was broken for the town, but the water just flooded fields and meadows. So it is with this inconspicuous river that everyday is like a boring rivulet, which can jump and not dipping feet.
On the back of the basilica visible.

Sinking bushes.
This place is normally a degree of water (do not know what it is called in English, but as the water settled, I'll show these again).

These cracks under the bridge is not a scratch on the glass. It streaks of rain.

Once he so happened that after the pitch could be canoeing.

Closed the entrance to the bridge for fear of collapse.


  1. That water looks like it is moving very fast!

  2. Bonita entrada y escalofriante, menos mal que no paso nada, impresionante, gracias por tu visita también me quedo por aquí con tu permiso, un abrazo.



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