Saturday, May 17, 2014

When the rain stops

This time with us, fortunately, the water did not cause major damage. 
The big danger are still other Polish regions.

In these pictures I show Kamienica River at the point where there are two last pictures show the previous entry. 

On the other side the bridge.


  1. Olá!
    A água pode fazer muitos estragos, mas aqui em São Paulo a seca tem sido nosso maior problema. A chuva foi escassa e hoje, estamos praticamente sem água. Um Abraço.

    Water can do a lot of damage, but here in São Paulo drought has been our biggest problem. The rain was scarce and today, we are practically without water. A hug.

  2. We heard about this flooding on the news here. I am glad it didn't hurt you but hope for the best for people in other parts of Poland.



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