Sunday, May 11, 2014

Statue Locomotive

Green-black-red locomotive stands near the railway station in Nowy Sacz, on Kolejowa Street. The railway station is currently being renovated.
Locomotive erected to commemorate the construction of electric lines for trains in 1986. The first train arrived to Nowy Sacz in 1876.



  1. A beautifully restored reminder of the "good ol' days." I do remember these old engines from my youth. But back then they weren't all pretty and shiny like this one; they were dirty and smoky and made lots of noise! :)

  2. Yes. This model plays the role of the monument memorabilia. Not so long ago, it was only in 1986 to New Sacz brought electricity line. Since that time, the locomotive began to disappear. Many rode By Train towed by the old locomotive. Also I know the smell and sound of locomotives.
    Currently, the station is being renovated. But it is also beautiful in the old style. I will try to show it soon.



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